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Module for Monte-Carlo algrorithme, see the trait MonteCarlo.

This is one of the way to carry out simulation. This work by taking a state and progressively changing it (most of the time randomly).


see MetropolisHastingsSweep, HeatBathSweep, overrelaxation etc…


pub use heat_bath::*;
pub use hybrid::*;
pub use hybrid_monte_carlo::*;
pub use overrelaxation::*;


Pseudo heat bath methods

Combine multiple Monte Carlo methods.

Hybrid Monte Carlo method

Metropolis Hastings method

Metropolis Hastings method

Overrelaxation method


A wrapper used to implement MonteCarlo from a MonteCarloDefault


Monte-Carlo algorithm, giving the next element in the simulation. It is also a Markov chain.

Some times it is easier to just implement a potential next element, the rest is done automatically using an McWrapper.